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A Certified Family Law Mediator provides an alternate means of settlement.

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Have you considered mediation to solve your dispute?

Not every family law case requires lengthy courtroom proceedings. If you and your spouse are able to work through the details of your separation and arrive at reasonable solutions through mediation, then contacting Faith Z. Brown, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator could work for you.

Mediation provides an alternative means of dispute settlement to lengthy litigation proceedings. Participation in mediation must be entered into voluntarily by both or all parties involved, and is conducted in a neutral, nonthreatening environment where each party is able to effectively negotiate and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Mediation sessions are conducted by family law mediator Faith Z. Brown, who allows each party to address his or her concerns and reach an effective agreement.  As the neutral third-party mediator, Faith Z. Brown, facilitates a productive discussion, draws on extensive experience in family law to offer suggestions, clarify points, to nip arguments in the bud and to keep the process moving forward.  Although The mediator remains neutral and does not act as an attorney for either party, if an agreement is reached, Faith Z. Brown can draft it in the appropriate “legalese” for submission to the family court.

How Can Mediation Help Me?

When family law issues are highly contentious, the individuals involved tend to lose control of the outcome. Lengthy courtroom proceedings increase the expenses of a divorce, and decision-making gets handed over to a judge in court.

Mediation gives parties who are able to come to reasonable agreements the opportunity to do so without handing over control of their family law disputes to a judge, thereby avoiding the excessive fees and time associated with courtroom proceedings.

What Are The Steps Of Mediation In Family Law And Divorce Proceedings?

When you contact Faith Z. Brown for family law and divorce mediation, the specific process will depend on the different issues that your family must work through. Finalizing your case could take as little as one meeting, but sometimes several meetings are required. The important thing to consider through all of it is the well-being of your family members, especially if children are involved.

Faith Z. Brown will sit down with you and the opposing party to go over each of the issues that must be considered in your family law dispute. If it is necessary to avoid emotional conflicts by separating each party, then she will do so. When areas of dispute arise, she will remain focused on negotiating worthwhile settlements so that each party comes out of the situation with a confident outlook on the future.

 We invite you to explore your options with our Bradenton/Sarasota family law mediator.

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