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You and your spouse have made the decision to adopt a child…

seek the wise counsel of the adoption lawyer in Sarasota to guide you through this complex process. Faith Z. Brown, is experienced and about knowledgeable step parent and family adoptions.

Our family law attorney offers experience gained in practicing family law since 2005, including protecting families in the adoption process in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Venice, North Port, Palmetto, Ellenton, and Parrish, Florida.

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Request a consultation with our attorney about adoption. We will discuss different types of adoption, as well as adoption lawyer fees.

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Florida Adoption Law Information

Florida, like every state in the United States, has their own set of adoption laws. We recommend that you not attempt to interpret them on your own, but rather speak to an experienced adoption attorney in your home state.

If you are an Adoptive Family or Seeking Information about Florida Adoption Laws…

There are many online sources where you can learn more about the laws of Florida.  We recommend that all adoptive families seek legal representation from a skilled adoption attorney such as Faith Z. Brown. She can represent you in step parent and family member adoptions. 

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