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Alimony Attorney: Types of Spousal Support

With alimony, the spouse who makes more money may be asked to pay a specified amount to the other spouse. Often, a judge awards such alimony while a divorce is pending. Our alimony attorney can help you receive what is owed you. While the divorce is pending, the court may award temporary alimony to the spouse who shows a financial need for support.

Other types of alimony are paid after the divorce. A spouse may receive financial support for a short time after the divorce to help with living expenses or to upgrade his or her skills for the workforce. Or, both sides may agree to alimony for a certain length of time so the lesser-earning spouse can go to college or receive training.

There are alimony cases when support goes to a spouse for a length of time that equals the years of marriage. However, in these instances, the duration of the marriage defines the time alimony can be paid. In some cases, the court may award one spouse permanent alimony. This is when the spouse lacks the means or ability to support him or herself.

Do You Need Help in Amending Alimony Agreements?

The amount of money and length of time that alimony must be paid may be changed, depending on the type of alimony, written agreements, and the circumstances. When it comes to amending alimony agreements, it is wise to seek the advice of our alimony attorney for what the law says about your particular situation. Let us provide you with an answer based on extensive knowledge of the law and over a decade of experience as a family law attorney.

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