Family Law

Faith Z. Brown

Legal problems can be stressful, but those related to our family produce the most anxiety. 

As a Collaborative Divorce attorney Faith naturally seeks resolution through either mediation or the Collaborative Divorce process to avoid more emotionally and financially challenging litigation in court. However, she is experienced in court litigation, mediation, and the collaborative divorce process.  Faith offers maximum attention to each client to obtain a favorable outcome with the best possible results.

Faith Z. Brown has practiced law since 2005 focusing exclusively in the areas of Collaborative and Family Law, primarily in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit (Manatee and Sarasota counties). She is a highly recognized, respected, and dedicated attorney with the resources to help you avoid and resolve legal problems; thereby, getting you and your family on the right track!

To avoid and resolve problems, move forward quickly and with less stress, you need to speak with a professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy attorney.

Divorce & Alimony

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions an individual and a family can experience in life. The role of a family law attorney is to guide you through the process to find the best possible outcome. Whether you file or your spouse files, whether the divorce is contested or uncontested, there are many issues to be considered. Dissolution of marriage, or divorce, can be obtained through mediation of the parties, a Collaborative Divorce process, or through litigation in the court.  During your initial consultation with Faith Z. Brown, you can review the options in light of your unique circumstances.

Next Generation Divorce

When Children are Involved

The Collaborative Divorce process is more likely to protect the relationship between divorced spouses that transition to co-parenting.  Whether you choose Collaborative or traditional divorce, there is a need to address child custody, child support, and a parenting plan.

Resolution Collaborative Law

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence covers threats or harm done to a spouse or a member of a family or household. This includes relatives by blood or marriage, former spouses and partners, and those who have shared a romantic relationship.

When you or your children are threatened by a family member, request help from our domestic violence attorney. Faith Brown works with criminal law attorney Kimberly Kuhn to obtain a court-issued injunction(restraining order). Both attorneys are tenacious in their protection of victims of domestic violence. If the abuser violates the injunction in any way, he or she can be arrested and jailed.

Family Violence