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For unmarried couples, establishing paternity rights can be tricky.

Just because a father’s name is on a child’s birth certificate, or the mother has declared the father to be the biological father of the child does not give the father parental rights.

Often, through DNA testing and other means, proving paternity is necessary to show that a man is indeed the biological father of a child. Once recognized by the court, it is easier for the fathers to gain equal timesharing and be held accountable for his duties to the child.

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 Florida Paternity Rights:

Under Florida Law, when a child is born to unmarried parents, the mother is presumed to have full custody and timesharing rights.

The father must initiate a court proceeding to establish paternity if he wishes to seek custody or timesharing rights. It is the mother’s responsibility to initiate a court proceeding to establish paternity if she wishes to obtain a child support order. 

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